What Clients Say About VLP

When I left your office I realized that I still had my dignity as I was treated with respect. I am filled with gratitude and thanks for the peace you have given me and others.

My lawyer was very informative. He knew exactly what he was doing and explained every detail to me so I understood clearly… I couldn't have picked a better lawyer myself. He was top in his class.

We need more volunteers like I had. There are a lot of people waiting for your help.

Without… the exemplary representation I received, my child and I would have been forced to suffer financially and emotionally indefinitely. I will be forever grateful for the fine representation I received.

[My attorney] saved me from losing my home. What better joy in that for a man of my age to sit back and relax once again.

[After my bankruptcy case] I can now afford food, rent, car insurance and clothes.




Again I want to express my heartfelt thanks. When all seemed lost or impossible you and your project came to life and restored my faith in the world of professional people as yourself. Please keep being there for people like myself…you restored my hope in humanity. 



I was received with the utmost courtesy and efficiency…My bankruptcy went through without a hitch.

[My attorney] treated me like I was a million dollar client

[My attorney] did a superb job on my will. [The result was] peace of mind for myself and my family.

The lawyer was very very good and knew what she was doing and she helped me to say the right things…I was found eligible for unemployment.


Volunteer Lawyers Project has provided me with excellent legal counsel that I would have never been able to afford otherwise.I lost all faith in the legal system until I met [my attorney].


[My attorney] enabled me to keep my pride, my dignity and a roof over my head.

In court, which can be an intimidating experience, [my attorney] represented me so ably, that I felt confident and secure. When the judge pronounced my divorce, assuring all the rights [my attorney] had requested and argued for me, I felt incredible relief that the tribulations of my marriage were indeed over and I could move on with my life, knowing that the law protected my children. [My attorney] has changed my life. Her calm competence combined with her will to fight for me will stay with me all my life. Thank you for assuring that people like me have access to the American justice system.

You cannot know how much relief and peace of mind your help has given to me.
Thank you to our volunteers!