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Boston VLP


Joanna Allison, Esq.
Executive Director
Stephanie Biggs, Esq. Staff Attorney
Alissa Brill, Esq. Staff Attorney
Hsindy Chen, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Adrián Coss Referral Paralegal
Eric Davey Intake Paralegal
Olga Falzone Admistrative Assistant
Damaris Frias-Stone
Legal Assistant
Brandon German Fresh Start Clinic Coordinator & Marketing Director
Isabel Guerra Pro Bono Paralegal
Sharon Hogan Director of Finance and Administration
Emily Jarrell, Esq.
Staff Attorney
George-Marie Jasmin
Bankruptcy Paralegal
Thomas Monti, Esq.
HomeCorps Attorney
Cindy Palmquist, Esq. 
Legal Director
Yasenia Rodriguez Office Manager
Stephen Russo, Esq. Director of Intake, Advice, and Referral
Barbara Siegel, Esq.                       
Deputy Director & Senior Partners Project Manager
Milton Wong, Esq.
Staff Attorney


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