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Taking a pro bono case is an important and valuable way for lawyers to use their expertise to help people and families in need. It's also a great way for lawyers to gain legal experience or learn about a new area of law with the support of VLP's experienced staff attorneys and mentors. The FAQ below will help you find out more about taking pro bono cases with VLP. 

Pro Bono Case FAQ

What Types of Pro Bono Cases Are Available?  

Do I Need to Have My Own Malpractice Insurance to Take a Pro Bono Case?  

How Will I Find Out About VLP's Pro Bono Cases  

Do I Need to Have Relevant Experience to Take a Case?  

I'm Ready to Take a Case, What's the Next Step?  

What Happens After I Agree to Take a Case?  

Will I Be Responsible for Interpreters and Other Costs?  

I Don't Have Time to Take a Case, What Else Can I Do?  

Sample Case Descriptions