MA Legal Answers Online

Answer a legal question online anytime anywhere.

Mass Legal Answers Online is a virtual legal advice clinic that is part of the American Bar Association's Free Legal Answers project. It's a secure website where low-income Massachusetts residents post their legal questions and volunteer attorneys answer them, all through the same website. It launched in Massachusetts in November 2016.

How does it work?

  • Choose the questions you want to answer -- at any time, and from any location, that works for you.
  • This is a limited scope service -- the clients know in advance that your assistance is restricted to answering their civil legal question, and that you will not go to court with them or prepare any paperwork.
  • No required time commitment, although we encourage you to answer at least one question a month.
  • Open to all attorneys in good standing who are licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, or registered for pro bono status with the Board of Bar Overseers, including in-house counsel and retired attorneys.
  • Malpractice coverage provided to volunteer attorneys for legal guidance provided through the website.

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Mass Legal Answers Online is a project of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute in cooperation with the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association.