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The forms in this folder are easy to use by people without lawyers. Just answer the questions and you can create a document. 

The forms on this website are not the same as legal advice. 

You can find more forms and information here on MassLegalHelp



  • A Debt Verification Letter asks a creditor for information about a debt.
  • A letter to stop debt collectors from contacting the debtor.
  • Ask the court to let you file your defenses and counterclaims after the deadline.
  • Ask the court to remove a judgment against you for not showing up at court.
  • Discovery in response to a debt collection suit.
  • A Motion to Dismiss if client does not owe money to the company suing. you,
  • A motion to Compel to be filed where some responses to discovery requests were provided.
  • A Motion to Compel to use where there were no responses to client's discovery requests.